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Premium Car Dealer Websites! All bells and whistles, low monthly payment, no hidden fees of any kind! Manage vehicles/content 24/7. Unlimited vehicles; 20 pictures per vehicle. Craigslist/EBay posting tools. Daily inventory feeds. Window Stickers and Buyers Guide Printing!
2009 BMW

10,000 mi.
2001 BMW

8,000 mi.
Call for Price
2011 BMW
X5 xDrive50i

21,000 mi.
Call for Price
2008 BMW

22,000 mi.
2008 BMW
650 i

35,000 mi.
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Desktop/Laptop Website Example
This is an example of a website specifically designed to maximize user experience of Desktop/Laptop users. Our desktop/laptop websites will catch an eye and will stand out from the crowd when someone visits your online dealership. Why have a desktop/laptop website nowadays? According to recent statistics there are still 2 billion personal computers in use worldwide. And while 60% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices 40% still comes from Desktop/Laptop users. The majority of our competition offer only responsive mobile-first websites which are optimized for smaller smartphone screens and look somewhat similar and don’t stand out when viewed on larger desktop displays.
What sets us apart from the competition is that we offer two separate websites for the price of one. In addition to a responsive mobile-first website we also offer a second website that is carefully designed for desktop/laptop users. We can host a desktop/laptop website under your domain name (like for example) and host a responsive mobile-first website under sub-domain (like for example). When someone types in any browser our platform will automatically detect if the request came from a mobile device or desktop/laptop and will display the right website.